Cloud Storage

It's a cloud based document management system with several unique features.

efilesx features

  • Create a free 1GB account to store, search and share documents.
  • Send the documents with email attachments (unique feature) instead of a regular upload feature.
  • Supports Standard upload/download feature.
  • Creation various folders and subfolders.
  • Setting of filters to transfer the documents on its receipt.
  • Ability to set and run a manual filters to separate documents.
  • Windows file explorer like look and features.
  • Powerful Search features that allows to search documents based on simple and Boolean Keyword search.
  • Ability to Share documents through email (secured and unsecured) or alternatively share documents via popular social media sites.
  • Follows DOD level of security standards while managing documents.
  • The application can be customized as a cloud based services or configured as a license based product.

efilesx platform

Different Applications customized using EfilesX platform

  • LegalTap: It’s a customized solutions for easily managing H1B applications for a company or a legal firm.
  • MortgageTap: It’s a specialized application to manage Loan or mortgage documentation.
  • AccountantTap: This application allows accountants to manage a paperless solution for its clients during personal tax filing or manages corporate clients documents related to payroll, taxes and other details.
  • ResumeTap: This application allows IT companies to automate the resume flow and manage the resume database and recruiting process.